Importance of Pin Hole Defect Detection in Cold Roll Steel

The global growth of the steel industry has made quality requirements more stringent than ever for manufacturers of cold roll steel. Manufacturers who do not meet or exceed customer and/or industry driven quality requirements are susceptible to significant economic losses as well as tarnishing of their brand. The detection of Pin Holes in particular, has become a major focus for manufacturers of cold roll steel.

With respect to Pin Hole Detection, the quality requirement is very specific: Zero-Defects. This simply means “keep it in house” for the manufacturer. Pin Holes that do not get detected “in house” and are sent out the door to their customers will result in rejected parts in the quality control process at customer facilities, additional inspection costs, or defects in the final product (i.e. car hood). 

Historically, pin hole detection was performed manually with a person serving as the on-line inspector. But, with the advance of processes in the production of steel, specifically the increase in line speeds, the human eye is not sufficient to meet the zero-defect objective. Manufacturers of cold roll steel can no longer rely on manual detection of Pin Holes. Automation with fast and quantitative information is what is needed to keep up with quality objectives and process advances. 

Manufacturers of cold roll steel are now implementing camera-based vision systems as a viable solution. The systems are relatively simple, consisting of a single camera or multiple cameras mounted above the strip with a corresponding light box below the strip. The cameras constantly image the strip as it’s being passed through the mill and pick up any light that may penetrate through via a small hole in the material – referred to as a pin hole. These systems have been proven to be highly effective and are being implemented globally as a quality control method as manual on-line inspection is being phased out.

Through years of industry experience building many different types of camera-based measurement and detection systems, Global Gauge has developed a multi-camera vision system solution that provides real-time immediate feedback for manufacturers of cold roll steel. The system uses state-of-the-art cameras imaging the entire width of the strip. Global Gauge provides the complete system engineering, design, fabrication, and installation – along with knowledgeable service and availability whenever our customers need it. 

The importance of Pin Hole Defect Detection cannot go understated. Preventing Pin Hole defects from getting “out the door” is vital to manufacturers of cold roll steel remaining competitive and viable in today’s global steel industry. Pin Hole Detection Systems are helping manufacturers of cold roll steel meet their objectives, and serving as a critical quality measure in today’s high-tech global manufacturing sector. 

Contact Global Gauge today to learn more about our Pin Hole detection systems or any other defect needs you may have for your manufacturing process!


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