Upgrade Thickness & Gauges Coating Weight Gauges

System Upgrade Capabilities

Global Gauge is an industry leader in upgrading obsolete or old thickness or coating weight gauges from the following gauge suppliers:

  • DMC/Thermo Fisher
  • Accuray/IRM/NDC
  • Loral
  • Measuray/KMI
  • ESC Resources
  • Many others!

We typically upgrade systems containing obsolete PC or PLC components, electronics cabinets, and other critical system components while allowing our customers to retain their functioning frames to save on installation cost and downtime. 

Wherever possible, we seek to minimize the life-cycle costs of service and maintenance with our products by using widely available off-the-shelf components wherever possible.  If necessary  As demonstrated by our 24/7/365 emergency hotline, our goal is to guarantee customer support, and ensure that an investment in a Global Gauge System Upgrade is an investment in the long term cost and reliability of your operations.