X-Ray Thickness Gauges

Global Gauge Corporation (GGC) is the largest USA-based manufacturer of X-Ray Thickness Gauges. We have been manufacturing X-Ray Thickness Gauges for the steel and other metals industries for over 20 years. Today, the Global Gauge product line is recognized as the industry standard for non-contact thickness measurement systems for rolling mills and process lines. Throughout the entire production of flat-rolled steel and metals, Global Gauge’s X-Ray Thickness Gauges deliver measurements with extreme accuracy and reliability. Our systems can be configured to fit any application, including centerline, scanning, large, small, in-line, or discrete operations. We build all of our systems using available components, thereby ensuring flexibility and affordability.

Our X-Ray Gauges can be optimized for the following applications:

Whether you need a scanning c-frame, scanning sensors within a c-frame, centerline thickness measurement, or profile thickness measurement, Global Gauge will design a system that’s designed and engineered for maximum performance and reliability for your application!