Width Gauges and Vision Solutions

Width Gauge

The Global Gauge Width Gauge is a precision measurement device used to determine the width of sheet or strip products in hot or cold applications.

As metal plates or sheets are being rolled or processed, our digital linescan camera setups capture images of the edges of the material as it is running. Image data is transmitted to our processors, and data is processed on an industrial PC resulting in Width and Centerline Deviation being instantly displayed on the operators’ panel.

We offer several installation setups, including mono-cam assemblies (MCA), dual-cam assemblies (DCA), and stereoscopic-cam assemblies (SCA). The latter setup allows our customers to account for bounce in their strip in order to maximize measurement accuracy.

Vision Solutions

Global Gauge Vision Solutions are often incorporated into our Width Gauge applications for various analytical purposes. However, we have also installed stand-alone analytical Vision Solutions. Our various vision applications include, but are not limited to:

– Gross Defect Detection Down to 1mm2 Defect Size
– Crop Optimization
– Shear Control Systems Resulting from Crop Optimization
– Thermal Profile Analysis for Red-hot Applications
– Complete Bar Imaging
– Head/Tail Imaging
– Hook Detection
– Edge Crack Detection
– Crop Drop Indication

We are always looking for new ways to assist our customer with custom vision systems, and expect that we will continue to find creative and innovative ways to use our technology to help our customers learn more about their products and processes.

All of our systems are manufactured and assembled at our facility in Moraine, OH. Global Gauge Width Gauges and Vision Solutions are extremely reliable and dependable, and our service is the best in the industry, as evidenced by our 24/7/365 service hotline.

Made in America. Respected Worldwide.