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Aug 30, 2020
By Global Gauge Marketing

Global Gauge is the Leader for Service in the Steel Industry

We’re here to serve you with solutions! We’re talking service, is your measurement provider there for you 24/7?  Is your supplier capable of solving the issues you are facing?  Does your supplier have the manufacturing and where-with-all to turn a...
Aug 3, 2020
By Global Gauge Marketing

Why You Should Invest in a USA-Based Gauging System

In today's world of Global uncertainty, capital equipment supply chains for industrial measurement applications have been largely disrupted by supply chain delays stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. Many equipment purchasers and mill-builders in the USA have had to re-evaluate their...
Jul 29, 2020
By Global Gauge Marketing

Crop Shear Optimization — Increase in Yield

The Crop Shear is an extremely vital process in both Hot Strip and Plate Mills. Located after the last roughing mill stand, the Crop Shear is responsible for cropping/shearing the front end of the bar/strip squarely to avoid cobbles and...

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