Width Measurement for Coil Slitting Operations

June 15, 2020
By Global Gauge Marketing

Coil slitting is the process of cutting a large coil into a narrower coil. The coil is loaded onto a mandrel and run or unwound through a “slitter” machine. The slitter contains a series of knives that cut the coil into narrower strips that are called “mults”. These mults are rewound onto one of more shafts at the end of the process. The mults are then packaged and shipped to the end user who manufactures the final part or parts.

To maximize yield, coil slitting processors have to schedule the coil to be cut into as many mults as possible in order to not scrap or waste material. Multiple widths and multiple orders all factor into the scheduling process. Coils can be slit into over a 100 mults and have mults as narrow as a quarter of an inch. The width specifications for the mult can be as low as +/- .002”. The combination of maximizing yield and meeting the tight width specification makes Width Measuring vital to coil slitting processes.

Width Measuring occurs during the coil setup process. After the coil is loaded onto the mandrel the strip is run through a Thickness Gauge to confirm coil thickness. Then the slit width is confirmed after the series of knives. Providing everything is within specification the coil is then processed. Every coil goes through the same setup process.

Coil slitting processors are starting to turn to Width Gauge Vision Systems to confirm mult width. Width Gauge Vision Systems utilize digital linescan cameras that capture images of the edges of the material. The images are converted to data that is instantly displayed on the operator’s panel. Width Gauge Vision Systems are extremely accurate, highly reliable, and very easy to install.

The Global Gauge Width Gauge Vision System uses the latest digital line scan cameras to capture image data. The image data is transmitted from the cameras to the processor via fiber optic cable. Data is processed in an industrial PC running Windows 10. The linescan cameras are enclosed in a robust environmental housing, protecting against any environment.

Global Gauge can design a Width Gauge Vision System specific for one process or a common system for multiple processes dependent upon the customers needs. Global Gauge can provide the engineering, fabrication, installation, and service. With our partners in Europe and Asia, Global Gauge has a worldwide reach. Please visit Global Gauge’s website to learn more about our Width Gauge Vision System, Thickness Gauges, and other measurement systems.

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