Upgrade or Replace your Thickness or Coating Gauge?

July 20, 2020
By Global Gauge Marketing


How old is the gauge system you are currently using?  Perhaps there are obsolescence issues with your current system, perhaps your supplier has exited the industry?  Many times, obsolete x-ray systems can be upgraded utilizing some of the existing components for less than the cost of a completely new system.  It is highly possible that many mechanical components can certainly be repurposed.  Old and obsolete vision systems for width etc., can likely re-use mounting structures.  Some suppliers just basically “sell” you a new measurement system and you’re left wondering if this was the right choice afterwards, is there buyer’s remorse?

Has your current supplier supported you properly?  Think about your experience with them regarding service, repairs & supportability and if the supplier is attentive to your wants and needs.  Do they provide you with the level of service you expect and desire?  When you have an issue can you reach them timely?  Are they in a different country and there are time difference and culture issues to deal with? 

Regarding obsolescence issues, these are likely electrical and electronic cabinets, generators, detectors, magazines, old cabling and cameras.  C-frames, tracks, drive systems, mounting structures etc. can usually be repurposed saving tens of thousands of dollars off the cost of a new system and installation time for you.

Do you have the contact information for your vendor and their personnel to reach them 24/7/365?  This is certainly important in our industry which never sleeps.  Is your vendor willing to work with you to meet budget constraints and innovative in assisting you get the equipment you need?

Global Gauge could be your supplier of choice.  We always have been a US based manufacturer of measurement equipment, thickness gauges, coating gauges, vision-based systems for width, bar profiles, crop optimization and shear control systems.  With our headquarters in Moraine, OH our account managers, engineering and service experts can help you make the best decision for you and your company.  We can help you with a consultation of your situation and see if we can assist you.  Please contact us today at 937-254-3500.

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