Why You Should Invest in a USA-Based Gauging System

In today’s world of Global uncertainty, capital equipment supply chains for industrial measurement applications have been largely disrupted by supply chain delays stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many equipment purchasers and mill-builders in the USA have had to re-evaluate their willingness to purchase measurement systems from an international supplier, as engineering and support are much less of a certainty today than they’ve become in recent years. Global Gauge Corporation has emerged as the best solution to this problem.

Global Gauge Corporation is the largest USA-based manufacturer of x-ray thickness gauges, as well as a leader in vision-based dimensional measurement systems, for various characteristics such as width, length, camber, squareness, and many others! In the case of outdated or obsolete systems, Global Gauge can perform upgrades to our former or current competitor’s x-ray gauge systems, width gauges, and other measurement systems in a variety of ways. Examples include upgrading computers or operating systems, converting an old isotope thickness gauge to an x-ray thickness gauge, or replacing obsolete technologies such as Photomultiplier Tube (PMT) detectors with Ion Chamber detectors.

As many of our current competitors are foreign-based, their customers’ technologies and supply chains are an additional step removed from the end-user. For example, some competitors of ours purchase x-ray generators from third party vendors such as Comet or Kevex. In these cases, when an x-ray generator fails and you call your gauge supplier for assistance, they’re essentially acting as a middle-man for the technology and support expertise on your device.

Global Gauge is an industry leader in upgrading obsolete or old thickness or coating weight gauges from the following gauge suppliers:
– DMC/Thermo Fisher
– Accuray/IRM/NDC
– Loral
– Measuray/KMI
– ESC Resources
– Many others!

As the largest USA-based supplier of X-ray Thickness gauges, Global Gauge is recognized as the industry standard for non-contact thickness measurement systems for rolling mills and process lines. We provide custom solutions to all of our customers, delivering millisecond-level response time and over 99.99% accuracy. We also provide alloy compensation for specialty metals such as aluminum or other alloys. We offer a variety of measurement setup options: typical gauge setups are center-line, traversing, multi-point, or any combination of the three. All of our sensors and gauges are manufactured and assembled at our facility in Moraine, OH.

There’s never been a better time to invest in a USA-based gauging system, and there’s never been a more reliable supplier to build a gauging system than Global Gauge.


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