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We’re talking service, is your measurement provider there for you 24/7?  Is your supplier capable of solving the issues you are facing?  Does your supplier have the manufacturing and where-with-all to turn a repair or replacement of components, systems etc., in a timely fashion? 

What exactly is timely in a world where downtime is very expensive?  Some customers will allow VPN access to allow our engineering staff to log into the measurement systems to “see” exactly what you are experiencing in real time.  Our engineering and service technicians are available with a call, log in, or travel on-site to assist you as necessary or requested.  This access can be vital in timing to help the end user to determine problems, make recommendations for in house repairs/replacement to get equipment back up and running.  Global Gauge has always provided 24/7/365 service to its customers. 

Of course, additional or refresher training is always available and sometimes necessary based on personnel changes, years of not having issues and then trying to remember good troubleshooting paths.  Most customers have the skills to diagnose and repair the systems and others do not have the personnel due to lean manufacturing; that’s where Global Gauge comes in, we’re here to help.  We make our systems as straightforward and easy to understand as possible.  We believe that the customer should be able to troubleshoot and repair their systems in house.

Do you also have the proper spare parts to replace in the middle of the night upon determining issues?  Most customers will keep a minimal amount of vendor specific spare parts on hand, and we make our systems with as much open architecture as possible.  You can likely find most all other components at your nearby electrical supplier.

You call, we respond, it’s done.


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