Camera-Based Pinhole Detection Systems

Tin Cans are the end product of tin-coated steel coils. Global Gauge helps to ensure end-customers don’t send out leaky canned goods.

It is extremely important for steel processors to identify “pin holes” in the metal material that is being processed, so end customers aren’t experiencing leaky tin cans. Steel processors such as tin platers, need to prevent material with pinholes from being shipped to the end user such as canners. Pin holes need to be identified and their location on the material accurately confirmed. The accuracy of location is important so the pin holes can be cut out, saving as much material as possible. Steel processors rely on pin hole detection systems to manage quality control and maximize yield.

Global Gauge Corporation (GGC) has a camera-based state of the art measurement solution for reliably and accurately detecting microscopic pinholes through metal material as its being passed through a processing line. The proposed solution will identify alert when it has detected small pinholes in the material being processed, per the customer specification. When linked to a customer supplied encoder, GGC will be able to inform the customer of exactly where the pinhole has occurred, and supply a supplemental image of the pinhole in an archiving and cataloguing application that is included in the system.

Some of the unique features of the GGC solution are as follows:

1) Standard system design using off the shelf components as much as possible. The “core” of the basic system is not changed from customer to customer, instead its reconfigured to meet the specific objectives of each customer.
2) The solution uses line scan cameras instead of area array cameras, thereby significantly minimizing the impact of environment on the imaging functionality.

GGC’s Pinhole Detection System is another example of our success implementing vision systems at steel mills globally. Applications include, but are not limited to: width, bar profile, bar analytics, temperature profile, head/tail imaging, crop optimization and gross defect detection. GGC takes pride in tailoring solutions to the specific needs of our customers in the steel industry. GGC’s modular design approach provides the flexibility to apply solutions in either Hot or Cold Mill applications.

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