Laser Gauges

Global Gauge has been manufacturing Thickness Gauges for the steel and other metals industries for over 20 years. Today, the Global Gauge product line is recognized as the industry standard for non-contact thickness measurement systems for rolling mills and process lines.

Global Gauge’s laser thickness gauges are designed for measuring metals and other flat materials without the need for radiation sources or x-ray generators, reducing cost and regulatory effort for our customers. We use state-of-the-art laser sensors to triangulate the distance from our laser sensors to our customers’ metal, and provide our customers with a highly-accurate laser thickness measurement throughout the length of their steel sheet.

Throughout the entire production of flat-rolled steel and metals, our x-ray, isotope, and laser gauges deliver measurements with extreme accuracy and reliability. Our laser thickness gauges can be configured to fit any application, including centerline, scanning, large, small, in-line, or discrete operations. We build all of our laser gauges using top-of-the-line laser sensors and components, thereby ensuring flexibility and affordability.

Our Laser Thickness Gauges can be optimized for the following applications:

  • Plate Mills
  • Cold Mills
  • Coating Lines
  • Processing Lines

While our laser thickness gauges are capable of providing a measurement without the need for radiation-sources or x-ray generators, we still recommend our x-ray gauges for many applications, as they can be less susceptible to visual environmental plant issues such as steam or oil mist.

Whether you need a scanning c-frame, scanning laser sensors within a c-frame, centerline thickness measurement, or profile thickness measurement, Global Gauge will design a system that’s designed and engineered for maximum performance and reliability for your application!

laser thickness gauge on track steel - laser gauges